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Building America Residential Deep Energy Retrofit Research Project

Summary of Research Project

Retrofitting your home to save energy not only decreases energy consumption, buy also can help you save money on utility bills and improve the comfort and safety of your home. This research project will help shed light on the energy and economic implications of residential deep energy retrofits as well as the improvements in health, safety, comfort and durability for the homeowner. The research will also address the needs of utility and industry partners to implement this type of retrofit program. This information will be used to inform retrofit programs that encourage residential deep energy retrofits.

In this project the PNNL team will provide technical assistance in implementing residential deep energy retrofits (estimated savings of 30-50% or more on a whole house basis) in a variety of areas and climates across the country. The project team uses integrated building science and systems engineering principles to provide technical assistance for deep energy retrofits and to understand the related health, safety, comfort and durability as well as utility and industry partner needs.

The project scope will consist of:

  • A pre-retrofit home energy assessment to characterize the pre-retrofit health, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of the home and recommend potential improvements.
  • Coordination between researchers, homeowners, and contractors to select and implement retrofit measures. Retrofit strategies may include air sealing, insulation, window, heating, cooling, and ventilation, water heating, appliance, lighting and solar measures.
  • A post-retrofit home energy assessment to document whole-house energy savings and improvements in health, safety and comfort of the home due to implemented retrofit measures.

To obtain hard data on deep retrofits and innovative systems, some homes will have energy metering equipment installed to collect more detailed, long term energy consumption data on a whole house and sub-metered level.

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What can you do to save energy in your current home? Visit PNNL's deep energy retrofit website for information on energy retrofit techniques, case studies, and more resources.

Residential Deep Energy Retrofit

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